About Me

Linda Beverett is a native of New Jersey. She is a Christian woman of God and the daughter of a pastor.  She is also a mother of one beautiful daughter and one blessed angel. She loves God’s people and has an extreme desire to encourage those that are seeking to reach their predetermined destiny in God. She is a board member of The Daughters of Destiny in Philadelphia, PA, a ministry that serves displaced women and their children.  She has published articles, entitled “Agape” and “The Road to Recovery, as well as written words of encouragement on social media based on the Word of God for over eight years. Follow her on Facebook at “A Woman’s Worth”.

This is my sisters and I; the ladies of the Board of The Daughters of Destiny. I have been blessed to be a part of this ministry for 4 years, which was founded well over 10 years ago by Minister Cheryl Marion, the first sister to the left, in her living room, which has grown to a yearly fundraising brunch attended by hundreds of women. This ministry serves single mothers and their children who are displaced from their homes. Take a quick moment and check out the website:www.thedaughtersofdestiny.com